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Dental Hygiene and Preventative Care

Somewhere in the beginning of our childhood we are instructed on how to take care of our teeth. Sadly, for many people those instructions haven’t changed very much from that time, even as they pass through middle age and begin to lose their teeth. Many dental offices seem to treat the side effects of bad oral care and don’t spend much time explaining how to protect and pamper your mouth so you can keep most, if not all, of your teeth for your whole life.

Good dental hygiene starts at home. My staff and I will only see you for a few hours a year, so the rest of it is up to you. We take the time to explain to you what your current oral health requires and recommend products specifically suited to your age and situation. We feel you should have our knowledge and experience to help you keep and practice an effective oral health routine.

But what about those hours that we are together at our office? Most of the patients who visit us come in for the preventive care procedures that are more intensive than can be performed at home. A regular schedule of teeth cleaning twice a year is the most effective preventative care to keep and maintain a healthy mouth. Teeth cleaning helps keep tartar from forming and causing gingivitis, which if untreated progresses to the deep infection referred to as periodontal disease the most common cause of tooth loss. Gingivitis can also cause other health issues and inflammation. A healthy mouth means more than a beautiful smile, it can be a sign of overall general health too.

If you haven’t gotten around to a visit to a dentist lately, don’t wait another day. We can help you care for your teeth and perform treatments to help you maintain your wonderful smile. Call or come in today.

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