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State of the Art Teeth Whitening

sinsational_gal_loTeeth Whitening is the simplest, most cost-effective way to get a beautiful smile fast.

Many at-home whiteners use very harsh chemicals that leave your teeth very sensitive and will burn your gums.

My office has embraced the Sinsational Smile system, the current state-of-the-art technology in teeth whitening, to help you have the brightest smile possible while eliminating sensitivity and preserving and enhancing the health of your teeth. It is a small investment that speaks volumes to everyone you meet before you even say a word.

The Sinsational Smile System for professional teeth whitening uses a combination of safe and effective whitening agents suspended in a gel tray. Once the trays are comfortably fitted around your teeth, they are exposed to a LED accelerating light that safely activates the gel’s whitening agents for a fast and very effective white, bright smile created quickly and comfortably. You will be thrilled with the results. But I want you to enjoy your white teeth as long as possible, so we send you home with a maintenance pen that will allow you to enjoy the whitest teeth possible for as long as possible.

We believe the Sinsational Smile System is the best teeth whitening procedure available today – giving the benefits of a whiter smile while being safe for your teeth and mouth. If you have wondered how you would look with a truly dazzling smile, call or visit our office and let us show you how bright your smile can be.


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